Jakoury.com relaunch


Over at Jakoury Freelance Design she decided it was time to refresh the existing website with a new design.


Jakoury is an independent freelance designer and art-director based in Diemen, the Netherlands. We have worked on many projects toghether in the past.


After some deliberation to re-use the custom CMS she’s been running on for the past few years I’ve decided to go ahead and use Bolt this time. This was the first time I have used Bolt on a project and I am quite satisfied. It’s a relatively young CMS but it’s shouldered by giants (Silex, Twig) and has a really cool ContentType system.

After the CMS was installed and the ContentTypes defined it was a matter of hooking up the design, which was sliced to HTML by the Republic of Pete, in Twig and taking the system for a spin.

For the front page the Client wanted to have an Image Slider. Now those can be a pain or a blessing, I have decided to go with Flexslider which is a jQuery Plugin so that fit in nicely.

The Contact page as always needs a Contact Form but any form is a pain, not so with Bolt. It turns out, hidden in the Extension directory there’s the Simple Forms extension which makes creating a Form a breeze. It’s powered with the Silex provided Symfony Form Factory component which is really flexible.

The Client loves the Bolt backend interface, it’s easy to use and also accessible from a Mobile device.